Rebecca is fighting for local health services and to end the GP shortage

Standing up for our NHS

Local health campaigner Rebecca Trimnell has made safeguarding our NHS her top priority. 

After years of under funding and mismanagement from the Conservative Government have left our NHS on life support. 

Patients in Gloucester face an uncertain future. Ambulances take hours to arrive, people are waiting weeks for a GP appointment, and operations are being delayed for months and months. Gloucester deserves better.

Rebecca knows first hand how difficult things are right now for the NHS. During the Covid-19 lockdowns she was working in the social care sector - caring for some of the most vulnerable in our city. Rebecca now works for a dementia charity in Gloucester.

Under this Conservative Government the UK has only become sicker and is lagging far behind its international peers. Instead of taking action they have allowed our health to decline, particularly that of children. 

To make matters worse, more than 7 million people are currently waiting for NHS treatment, cancer wait times targets continue to be missed across the board, and demand for GPs services continues to outstrip supply.

50% of the health burden across the country is lifestyle induced. We must tackle this head on, to ensure that people have good physical health, mental health, and social health, and to protect our NHS for the future.  

The Liberal Democrats want a healthier and brighter future for all.