Tuffley roads are full of potholes

9 Jan 2024
Kemble Road has been resurfaced but others are in a poor condition

The Liberal Democrats are calling for an increased focus on repairing local roads ahead of the winter period.

The Tories have been in charge at Shire Hall for 18 years and in that time the county’s roads have deteriorated with potholes appearing all over Gloucestershire.

Years of under-investment means there is a backlog of repairs of well over £80 million but the annual budget is around £25 million.

In Tuffley, the Lib Dem team has reported many highways issues.

They have asked for Bisley Road, Slimbridge Road, Windrush Road and Chalford Road to be resurfaced.

While potholes in Grange Road and Rissington Road have been reported for filling.

Caroline Courtney said: “After repeated requests over the past year I’m pleased Bourton Road and Kemble Road have been resurfaced. Other residential roads nearby are in awful condition and have been neglected for too long.

“For example, on Robert Raikes Avenue there are deep gouges along the whole length of the road.

“As winter approaches with snow and ice it will only get worse.”

The Lib Dem team would like local residents to report potholes or worn out footways to them so that they can challenge the county council to fix them.